Terms of Use

You may use all of the graphics by Rinober (both purchased resource packs AND freely available assets) in any non-commercial or commercial game. They are not restricted to the use in a particular game development tool (although they are optimized for RPG Maker MV and MZ). You may edit the content of the resource packs as long as you do not claim it to be yours. The graphics are also allowed to be used in adult games. "Rinober" or "Rinober Games" should appear in your game's credits. A link to my website or Patreon is always appreciated, but not necessary. Do not repost any resources. If you want to share free resources available on this website, link to this website instead.


✓ Non-commercial and Commercial Use Allowed

✓ Usable in ANY Game Dev Software / Game Engine

✓ Edits to the Content Allowed

✓ Use in Adult Games Allowed


Please note that you might find further information on the terms of use of specific resource packs in a text file when purchasing or downloading them from the official RPGMaker DLC store.